Ibiza is an island paradise with great tourist attractions and natural beauty to enjoy with family and friends. But Ibiza is more than just beautiful beaches, it is also the ideal place for lovers of elegant boats with the latest in design and technology.
In Ibiza, there is an abundance of the latest design boats in the best professional shipyards on the island. In recent years there has been a real revolution in the shapes, silhouettes, and attributes of boats and yachts in Ibiza, so many people turn to us to charter the latest in this type of modern boat.

What type of elegant boat do we charter?
At Barracuda Ibiza, we have the best models of boats such as the Wally, Van Dutch, Fjord, and Vanquish, with very modern and almost futuristic designs. In addition to the comfort that these boats provide, they also have large spaces for sunbathing.
Our boats have a capacity of 8 to 12 people with a length ranging from 13 to 20 meters and with a price that can vary from 1000 to 5000 euros, of course, the latter depends on the type of boat, its capacity, size, speed and also the season in which it will be rented.
To give an example and illustrate what we have just said, a Fjord 44 Open yacht, 14 meters long, with a width of 4.25 and a capacity of 11 people, would cost about 2100 euros. Another important factor that influences the price is the vacation period.
What is the cheapest season to rent a boat?
As we have already mentioned, the season of visits also influences the price, the low or high seasons correspond to the number of people who come to a particular site for the vacations, the low season is the one that has less influx of visitors, while the high season is the one that has the most visitors.
If we want to rent a boat De Antonio D42, which has a capacity for 11 people, with a length of 13 meters, and a width of 4 meters, with a bathroom, a cabin, an engine with a cruising speed of 32 and 42 knots can have a price of 1500 euros in low season, while in high season can reach 2350 euros.
The style boats are boats of the latest generation, in Ibiza, you will find the best ports and shipyards to rent and buy this type of boat, and sailing enthusiasts will undoubtedly find themselves in the best place to enjoy these boats.

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